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An Alle Die Dir Wichtig Sind


We are convinced that our society's behavior in terms of hygiene and protection will change noticeably. We therefore anticipate a sustained increase in the need for appropriate products that are not only effective, but also attractive as a personal everyday item. With MY SAFELY we not only want to make hand disinfection available, we also want to free it from its dusty image. We see MY SAFELY as a lifestyle product that will be found on every handbag, backpack and satchel in the future

Händedesinfektion Im Firmendesign als starke Message an Kunden, Partner und Mitarbeiter

Health is the central theme of our Cologne HEALTH FOOD Delis SPATZ. The current crisis situation has expanded our understanding of healthy products: from nutrition to personal hygiene. We had to temporarily shut down one of our stores ourselves and were constantly on the hunt for disposable gloves, disinfectants and cleaners to keep our delivery service running.


During the Corona crisis, the founders of MY SAFELY put all their energy into the development and procurement of the first product line.

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